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  • Our TMS, Tuesday, 19.30, BBC Radio 5 Live

    It’s actually 25 years now since everyone was predicting the end for Test Match Special, as the closure of Radio 3 MW saw it punted around the networks for a bit, followed shortly by the death of Brian Johnston who for so many people was responsible for its whole appeal, but the rise of digital radio, and the disappearance of free telly coverage, means it’s just as popular as ever. Many of its most loyal fans are those who aren’t particularly interested in cricket but, like the Shipping Forecast, just enjoy all the various traditions and the sound of the thing and it just being there, though seemingly these days it talks a bit less about cakes and beards and pigeons and more about cricket, especially now Henry Blofeld’s about to jack it in. Here’s a special programme to celebrate its sixtieth anniversary, first with regular listeners sharing their memories, before Aggers, Blowers and the rest pop in for a chat.

"Brian's Binatone is great for his cassettes!"

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