Vanessa’s Real Lives

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Whereas some might consider Vanessa Feltz’s new daytime show to be exploitationist, could it actually be a forum for challenging and re-evaluating societal norms? Read more

MacIntyre’s Underworld

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As anyone who’s seen shirtless Newcastle supporters on a winter evening at St James’ Park will testify, Geordie men are made of hardy stock. Read more

Dating the Enemy

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Being honest, did we ever want the Blind Date couples to live happily ever after? Read more

Your Money or Your Wife

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Despite claims by some that Britain has become a nanny state, what we are in fact living under is a dominatrix dictatorship. Read more

Guys and Dolls

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Is five becoming the new old-school Channel 4? Read more

I Smack and I’m Proud

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Are the chattering classes no longer a bunch of spankers? Or are they astute enough to recognise an ITV1 producer’s man-trap when they see one? Read more

Loose Women

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Despite the best efforts of the government to conceal the true casualty figures, British soldiers are struggling to cope with the ferocity of Taliban attacks in Afghanistan. Luckily, I have a cunning plan with which to undermine the fighting ability of those shock troops. Read more