Comic Relief does the press launch

Wednesday, January 31, 2007 by

Some headlines (but not many, I’m tired) from this morning’s Comic Relief launch, held on a boat nestling beneath the London Eye. 

First, here’s the bad news – Patrick Kielty’s back on Fame Academy. The good news, Claudia Winkleman is his new co-presenter. “Cat doesn’t give a fuck about Africa now she’s gone to America,” quipped Kielty. It starts on March 3.

They then played in a clip from the celebrity Apprentice, which I have to say actually looked pretty great – some business with the girls’ team enlisting the help of a chef, who then reports to the boys’ team by mistake – prompting Trinny Woodall to stage an invasion, yanking him back. All the while, Grant Mitchell off of EastEnders is on the mobile phone in the back of a car, “Guys, I can’t hear you. What’s going on?”. Those teams in full – Men: Piers Morgan, Alistair Campbell, Ross Kemp, Rupert Everett and Danny Baker. Women: Cheryl Cole, Maureen Lipman, Trinny Woodall, Karen Brady and Jo Brand.

Oh, and the bit where Dennis Waterman breaks up a Little Britain “sing da feem choon” sketch demanding to know what the point of it is was quite funny.


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