Beak practice

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 by

My mind is boggling about the upcoming CITV show, Emu (“The eponymous puppet with a penchant for pecking”, says the wonderfully written press release). It’s to hit screens in October and – get this – “is essentially ‘Emu the early years’ with a flapping fresh, young and brilliant blue Emu taking centre stage.” Better yet, Toby Hull is going to be playing a young version of his dad Rod!

In a show aimed at six to 11-year-olds, he and the bird are sharing a flat as they start out on their road to entertainment glory. But, with a “no-pets policy” in the building, Emu, Toby and chums Dani and Charlie must all work together to pull one over on suspicious security man Ken Cole.

“With loads of slapstick laughs and crazy comedy potential, Emu is the perfect mix of anarchy, pecking, nostalgia … and a little more pecking!”

I need to see this, and so a preview DVD is on order …


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