Ben Preston is the new Radio Times editor

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The Independent’s executive editor is moving over to the RT. Read more

Target: Who!

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Mark Gatiss explores the world of Doctor Who novelisations for a Radio 4 documentary. Read more

Two whom it may concern

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Okay, so there’s finally something new to read on OTT. And it comes courtesy of Dominic Small.

This was the year BBC2 clocked up its 45th birthday. Since the channel celebrated its 40th, the BBC’s attitude to its portfolio has changed hugely. Nonetheless, BBC2 remains at the vanguard of the Corporation’s technological expansion… as it has from the start.

“BBC2 was an innovative channel from the very beginning. While BBC1 and ITV had previously broadcast on the 405-line VHF system, BBC2 was only available on the then-new 625-line UHF format. This meant viewers had to convert to new technology in order to receive the service. The move to 625-line allowed the development of new services such as colour TV, itself previewed on BBC2 before its rollout to the other channels, and switching off of the 405-line service in 1985.” Read the story »

Springing from the Ashes

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Kudos has confirmed a third and final series of Ashes to Ashes has been commissioned. Read more

On tonight’s Big Brother

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As Big Brother returns tonight for its 10th series, C4 reveals the manipulations in store. Read more

Who’s that girl?

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C’mon. Let’s not dodge the obvious headline here. Karen Gillan is the new Doctor Who companion. Read more

The Doctor is in… The Sarah Jane Adventures

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Let’s just cut to the BBC press release, shall we? Read more


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So why hasn’t there been an update on here for ages? Read more

Rivers of blood

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Although The Apprentice boulders along in fine form, its celeb-tinted US godfather is even more watchable. Read more

New Doctor Who producers announced

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BBC Cymru Wales has announced the new Doctor Who producers. Read more

RT departee

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So the rumours are true. Gill Hudson is to leave Radio Times. Read more

Doctor Who interview

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The Doctor Who press office has provided OTT with a David Tennant and Michelle Ryan interview… Read more

RD party

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OTT’s been sent pictures from yesterday’s Red Dwarf appearance in Berkeley Square. Read more

Rouge awakening

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To mark Red Dwarf's 21st anniversary, the cast and celebrities arrive for the World Premiere Screening of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth to be shown on Friday at 9pm on Dave.

To mark Red Dwarf's 21st anniversary, the cast and celebrities arrive for the World Premiere Screening of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth to be shown on Friday at 9pm on Dave.

“…Nine years later” is how Red Dwarf: Back to Earth opens. And that’s the only specific detail I’m going to give from the three new RD episodes, which were screened back-to-back to press, celebs and general telly nabobs at London’s May Fair (I know, it doesn’t look right, but it is two words) hotel this evening. Read more

Red alert!

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Welcome home

Welcome home

Tonight it’s the press launch for Dave’s Red Dwarf: Back to Earth. Expect (a non-spoilery) preview on OTT later on…

The ‘forgotten’ Rainbow presenter

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Cook and co

Cook and co

In 1972, ITV began airing during the daytime, unleashing a flotilla of programmes that – in many cases – would endure for years to come. Shows like Emmerdale Farm, Crown Court, Mr & Mrs… and Rainbow.

Produced by Pamela Lonsdale at Thames Television, the programme originally aired with writer and actor David Cook in the presenting role. To the best of my knowledge, Cook – who went on to enjoy substantial success as a writer – has never been interview about his association with Rainbow before.

Well, until I tracked him down in 2007. Read the interview »

You’re fried

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The most extraordinary Apprentice USA boardroom ever… Read more

Hell’s belle

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Claudia Winkleman has been named as the new host of Hell’s Kitchen. Read more

Theroux returns

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BBC2 has announced details of Louis Theroux’s next, controversial, film. Read more

The Wire uncoiled

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BBC2 has confirmed it’s to air US series, The Wire. Read more

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