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Regarding Matthew’s comments below, Broadcast magazine reports that Lead Balloon will be screened on BBC2 in two weeks’ time.


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In fact - Mr Chris Orton - as per the confirmed TV schedules this lunchtime, Torchwood is not being simulcast on BBC1 and 3, it’s being repeated later in the week on BBC2 on Wednesday at 9pm, when two episodes will be going out back-to-back.


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The new DWM has settled the troublesome Torchwood issue once and for all. Read more


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This’ll all be put to bed tomorrow, so one last piece of speculation about Torchwood‘s scheduling – and the latest whisper is the programme is going to get a regular repeat slot on BBC2 some time later in the week after its BBC3 showing.


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Apparently the Beeb have now dropped plans to simulcast the first episode of Torchwood on both BBC1 and BBC3. Which is a shame, cos it would have made for ident hell.

Stunted growth

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Two years ago, Arrested Development arrived on British screens to a blaze of publicity telling us this was the best sitcom to come from America for years. The scheduling matched this, with a 10pm slot on BBC2 and the next episode straight after on BBC4. Now we’re in the middle of the third and final series, and when did BBC2 screen the latest edition? At 1am on Monday morning. Read more

Torch bearing

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Who (no pun) knows quite what’s going on with Torchwood? The BBC have released their press info for the week, but as yet, they’re not confirming a day. Read more

To everything there is a season

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You can tell the listings magazines are aching for the autumn schedule to start. Heat running a big Dragon’s Den spread in the show’s second week, RT asking “One Final Question” to Dara O’Briain to tie-in with – umm – episode two of Turn Back Time, and BBC1′s perfunctory How to Improve Your Memory getting a hefty number of inches across all the weeklies. Read more

The strip club

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It’s possible every night this week to sit in front of the terrestrial channels and watch the same programmes as the night before. With the World Cup over, everyone seems to be attempting to fill the chasm with just one or two shows. Read more

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