Richard and Judy

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watchRichard Madeley is a student of history. He knows this because he says he is. Read more

And Richard & Judy’s new position is…

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…back at teatimes. Read more

Send auntie out of the room

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One TV institution salutes another tonight… via the most nauseating union ever seen on screen. Read more

R&J repositioned

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Richard and Judy’s New Position – that’s the naughty name for the duo’s new show. Read more

Richard and Shooty

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The First Couple of British Television giving the undead what for? Read more

Show and tell

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Andy Favell, the Web Editor for Channel 4′s The TV Show has been on the OTT blog phone. Here’s what he said… Read more

Richard and Judy

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The status of “TV institution”only really registers its full impact when the subject takes unflinching pride in being mocked. Hence the reason why Parkinson, rather than revelling in his critics and thereby becoming a more curious and compelling character, has merely ended up a miserable old grouch. Read more

Richard and Judy

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There wasn’t much sense of occasion on this first day of the new term with Madeley and Finnigan. No glossy title sequence showing Richard picking the kids up from school or Judy popping the tea in the oven. Read more