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Friday, August 17, 2007 by

We’re slap-bang into ‘season’ season now, with the channels laying on beanos of varying ferocity in an effort to nab as much press coverage as possible. Sky One held their bash last night. The law of TV listings land is the digital channels do the most impressive do’s. Hence, Sky can always command pretty much a full house.

And so it was, with the channel opting for a school-themed affair to hype up Noel Edmonds and Are You Smarter Than a 10-Year-Old?. Smiling Sky head honcho Richard Woolfe did the honours with much gusto, allowing himself to be pranked by hired school kids. It was a good gambit – spontaneous applause! Simon Shaps would do well to learn from this. Better yet, Noel himself came on stage, wearing the same shirt he’s sporting in the promo pictures. As you’d expect, he was particularly keen to cue in a spontaneous “television moment”, whereby Woolfe had apparently nipped in part-way through the recording of an episode, and him that the contestant on the show – who was holding out for money to take her cerebral palsy-suffering daughter swimming with dolphins – could indeed go on that trip, courtesy of the upcoming Noel’s Christmas Presents exhumation (on Sky One, natch). 

Indeed, it was a “moment” – best bit being the overcome mum having to skip off stage accompanied by school kids, as is the show’s wont.

Anyway, exciting stuff and – should you not be a Virgin Media Johnny like me – worth a look.

Afterwards, the immaculate bearded one mingled, and reacted politely to being glad-handed by yours truly. Also working the room: Dick and Dom! And then later, there was an “after show” party at the Embassy Club, where Ross Kemp was heard outside bragging to the bodyguards about his recent – ahem – tour of duty in Afghanistan for Ross Kemp on Afghanistan. On?


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