Torchwood: Children of Earth

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BBC1Having prematurely washed my hands of this latest series of Torchwood (at least in print), it seems only fair that I should redress the balance.  Read more

Torchwood: Children of Earth

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BBC1Pretty much everything that’s wrong with Torchwood: Children of Earth can be summed up by one shot Read more

Your Torchwood ratings-ometer

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Lenny, Tracey and David - back together and back on BBC1!

Just how will daily doses of adult telefantasy fare on BBC1 next week? Read more

Lost in the Ashes of Torchwood

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The general mood surrounding telefantasy fans has been a little down of late. Read more

“I’ll just wank off Ianto”

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Those words spoken, of course, by John Barrowman at this morning’s press launch for series two of Torchwood (TX-ing from mid January on BBC2). This was as he sat down next to Gareth David-Lloyd in the screening room. The first actual words spoken in the second series, though? Oh, go on then – “‘Scuse me, have you seen a blowfish driving a sports car?” Read more

“Your logo has a lot of blood in it”

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I thought some of you might find these of interest - the Premium Hollywood blog is running transcripts from the Television Critics Association’s summer press tour in which various US television stations publicise their new shows to journalists via interview panels with the talent.  Read more

“This time we’ll kill Sarah Jane Smith properly!”

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“Sonic lipstick”, a giant fold-out computer called Mr Smith, SJ whizzing around in a Nissan Figaro, a craze for fizzy drinks sweeping the nation… the preview disc for The Sarah Jane Adventures has hit my desk, and it looks awfully good. Read more

Torchwouldn’t do that in real life

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Watching the third episode of Torchwood, things were rolling along quite merrily for me until the moment when Gwen decides to take that week’s alien gizmo home. For some reason I couldn’t get past this point – the same thing had happened during episode one. Read more


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In the same way big screen versions of stage musicals used to have professional vocalists “singing” the parts of the lead actors, so it might be advisable to have professional scribes employed to “write” the scripts of Russell T Davies. Read more

“You’re not a journalist, so fuck off”

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Dateline: 18 October, 2006, The St David’s Hotel & Spa, Cardiff. Russell T Davies and Chris Chibnall are hosting a Q&A session, following a press screening of episode one of TorchwoodRead more

“No procedure anymore – it’s a fucking disgrace!”

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That’s less than five minutes in to episode one of Torchwood.


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In fact - Mr Chris Orton - as per the confirmed TV schedules this lunchtime, Torchwood is not being simulcast on BBC1 and 3, it’s being repeated later in the week on BBC2 on Wednesday at 9pm, when two episodes will be going out back-to-back.


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The new DWM has settled the troublesome Torchwood issue once and for all. Read more


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This’ll all be put to bed tomorrow, so one last piece of speculation about Torchwood‘s scheduling – and the latest whisper is the programme is going to get a regular repeat slot on BBC2 some time later in the week after its BBC3 showing.


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Apparently the Beeb have now dropped plans to simulcast the first episode of Torchwood on both BBC1 and BBC3. Which is a shame, cos it would have made for ident hell.

Torch bearing

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Who (no pun) knows quite what’s going on with Torchwood? The BBC have released their press info for the week, but as yet, they’re not confirming a day. Read more