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Wednesday, January 9, 2008 by

I like QI. I’ve watched every episode many times over. I frequent the official forums. I have had correspondence from John Lloyd. And I even got the play-at-home game on DVD at Christmas 2006, though I’ve only looked at it once.

So, here goes with hopefully a mildly controversial and provocative thread on the best possible QI quartet, from all who have appeared. It’s based on their knowledge, ability to spark debate and facility to amuse.

1 – David Mitchell
2 – John Sessions
3 – Bill Bailey
4 – Jeremy Clarkson

Mitchell is the funniest man on British television right now, and his appearances in the just-ended “E” series were all-compassing and superb. Sessions has used QI as a vehicle to become likeable again, and that’s no mean feat. He’s also superb when being anecdotal. Bailey’s got this improvisational branch to his performance on the programme; he gives off many signals that the panellists have no notion of what is ahead of them. Clarkson provides an element of tension due to his sometimes offbeat views, but he maintains a sense of humour and furnishes the panel with great stories.

Leaving out Sean Lock and Dara O’Briain was very hard. Leaving out Alan Davies was a lot easier – I don’t dislike him, but his shtick at being the supposed thickie and Fry’s “victim” is now a tad tedious. Rich Hall and Phill Jupitus are likeable enough but the former says too little and the latter always finds himself surrounded by funnier folk.

I like QI. I’m glad Dave thinks it is laddish enough for them, when in fact it isn’t actually that laddish at all.


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