Stopping the clock

Friday, September 19, 2008 by

I can’t in all honesty file this as news, seeing as it pertains to BBC2′s Treasure Hunt revival. That was six years ago, now. However, here’s sky-runner Suzi Perry talking about the show’s early demise.

I loved doing it. I was doing a job where I was playing a game and flying around in a helicopter. And I loved working with Dermot. But it wasn’t really scheduled in the right way – it got lost. I was devastated that it didn’t come back for another series – and, to be honest I’d love to still be working on it now, because I thought the show had legs.

It was a really nice, intelligent entertainment programme for the family at a time when the airwaves are full of an awful lot of reality crap. But what can you do? Unfortunately it wasn’t my decision.


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  1. Terry on September 24th, 2008 4:50 pm

    The Treasure Hunt revival (was it really so long ago?) wasn’t bad actually but in a very poor timeslot. It did lose some of its charm, possibly as a result of decamping from that studio with all the books and gubbins in it to a boring and acoustically challenged stately home.

    Also, there were no technological advances that could have made it more interesting. The contestants should have been able to see Suzi – it was only because it was too expensive to achieve in the 80s that they never did it then. Just hearing her certainly doesn’t add to the game. They could have had her appear on a ridiculously oversized screen behind them so as to maintain the sense of urgency while the contestants were poring over maps and debating the finer points of another cryptic clue.

    Had it been given a studio with lots of books in it, a slightly bigger budget, and a better timeslot (early Sunday evenings on BBC1 comes to mind) and it maybe, just maybe, could have been a hit all over again.