This Life + 10

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Almost without exception the press hated this belated Christmas present from BBC2. The depth of their fervour was inversely proportional to the height of expectation the self-same newspapers had whipped up prior to the programme’s transmission. Most critics sounded as if they had been let down by the show, and wrote as if they had somehow been betrayed for previously speaking out so positively. Read more

This Life’s farewell tour

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The Independent have a detailed report from the set of the new episode of This Life which they’re suggesting will be broadcast at Christmas time. Annoyingly, it’s very spoilery, and the kind of thing you’d want to save until you’ve seen the episode so that everything is a surprise - as I suggested here part of the fun of the episode will be discovering what has happened the gang since the mid-’90s. But if you cover up the first column, the second is a good discussion of the flavour of the new episode if not the details and why now seemed like the right time [via].

“Shit haircuts and terrible jumpers”

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Following on from Stuart’s This Life musing, in April, Jack Davenport was promoting his role in the two-part ITV1 dramaThe Incredible Journey of Mary Bryant. Inevitably, he was asked about the reunion. At that stage, the whole notion was very much up in the air… Read more

More Miles to go

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It had been rumoured as early as last year, but now the BBC have released information about plans for a 10 year reunion episode of Amy Jenkins’ This Life - although little has been said other than the whole original cast will be returning and some plot details: Read more

This Life

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There’s some muffled, indistinct but obviously British pop music murmuring in the background – could it be Tindersticks? – and various half-empty bottles of wine resting self-consciously in the foreground. The picture is murky and flickering, as if lit entirely by scented candles, and keeps flipping erratically between long shots, close shots, and ridiculously close-up close shots. There is talk – chattering and shouting, hysterical laughter and knowing insults, whispered asides and intimate confessions. Chopped vegetables, joints, huge sofas, wooden floors, suits and ties and offices and courtrooms and endless legal-speak. At last - This Life is on the telly again. Read more