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Your Torchwood ratings-ometer

Posted By Ian Jones On Tuesday, June 30, 2009 @ 7:43 pm In blog | Comments Disabled

Lenny, Tracey and David - back together and back on BBC1!

Just how will daily doses of adult telefantasy fare on BBC1 next week?

It’s undoubtedly a courageous move of the Beeb to schedule such a niche programme in primetime five nights on the trot.

But there’s been a lot of publicity (in Radio Times at least) and the fact there’s nothing much new on the other channels might work in its favour.

Here’s an episode-by-episode prediction:

No big-hitters to compete with the debut episode, and this plus the novelty factor plus a few people’s hope of seeing an appearance by Dr Who means Torchwood will probably win the slot. It’ll be close, though, seeing as how Coronation Street prefaces ITV’s 9pm offering, while BBC1 has Panorama.

Most watched, in order:
Torchwood (BBC1)
Real Crime (ITV)
The Supersizers Eat…The French Revolution (BBC2)
The Hotel Inspector (C5)
Inside Nature’s Giants (C4)

with Torchwood getting 5.4m

There’ll be some inevitable seepage here, a phrase that seems somehow apt for Torchwood, as interest wanes and the twin guns of Big Brother and Ladette to Lady swing into action.

Most watched:
Ladette to Lady (ITV)
Torchwood (BBC1)
Big Brother (C4)
CSI: Miami (C5)
Girl with a Pearl Earring (BBC2)

with Torchwood getting 4.9m

Second prize again tonight, although if Big Brother wasn’t in decline it would have been third place. More people will give up on the show when they realise they’re only halfway through and Dr Who still hasn’t turned up. A rubbish sitcom about war journalism could push BBC2 into last place for the second night running.

Most watched:
Trial and Retribution (ITV)
Torchwood (BBC1)
Big Brother (C4)
Panic Room (C5)
Taking the Flak (BBC2)

with Torchwood getting 4.1m

Third place, thanks to Trial and Retribution and a new series of Mock the Week. It might even be fourth, if Gerry Robinson trying to save a pie-and-pasty firm proves more appealing than John Barrowman trying to save the time-space continuum.

Most watched:
Trial and Retribution (ITV)
Mock the Week (BBC2)
Torchwood (BBC1)
Gerry’s Big Decision (C4)
The Mentalist (C5)

with Torchwood getting 3.6m

Will there be a sudden surge of interest as the end nears and, according to Radio Times, “Gwen stands alone when the final sanction begins”? It feels unlikely, and any boost in viewers won’t be enough to push it back up the chart. Instead it could well sink down to fourth, given the competition.

Most watched:
Doc Martin (ITV)
RHS Hampton Court Flower Show (BBC2)
Big Brother (C4)
Torchwood (BBC1)

with Torchwood getting 3.8m

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