Three’s continuity – slight return

Wednesday, October 10, 2007 by

Back in January, I suggested that BBC3 had the worst continuity announcers on telly, especially the hopeless Keiron Elliott. Almost a year on, he’s still at it, and it looks like Family Guy is continuing to bring out the worst in him.

The second part of last night’s double bill was a repeat of the episode in which Peter becomes friends with James Woods. Keiron therefore decided to announce this episode by saying “Brian gets a girlfriend, but Peter’s okay because he’s got Wood!” So amusing did Keiron think this line, he used it to introduce the double bill, then again over the end credits of the first instalment, then again to introduce the specific episode. Each time with the same dreadful giggly delivery.

Now there are many things wrong here. There’s the fact that the BBC is introducing programmes with crappy juvenile double entendres of the type Finbar Saunders would consider a bit obvious. There’s the fact they can do the same joke three times in 20 minutes. But mostly there’s the fact it doesn’t even make any sense, because he’s not called James Wood, he’s called James Woods! For heaven’s sake.


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