The West Wing

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Firstly, anyone who has already bailed out on this series: shame on you. Read more

Who Killed the British Sitcom?

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Those of a cynical disposition may have been tempted to guffaw at the idea of a programme pondering why there aren’t many sitcoms around these days being presented by somebody who used to run ITV, a channel that has produced fewer enduringly funny shows than any other. Read more


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If awards were handed out for prescience, BAFTA would lob the cast and crew of Spooks the keys to their annual gong show and instruct them to switch off the lights just as soon as they were done. Read more

Beneath the Skin

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At first glance, Beneath the Skin, ITV’s adaptation of the Nicci French novel, did not appear to be anything especially innovative. Read more


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The Radio Times bills CD:UK, ITV1′s Saturday morning music show, thus: “Up-and-coming stars mingle with established names as the musicians of the moment perform live in the studio.” Read more

Six Feet Under

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For an hour on Sunday nights, Channel 4 gives those viewers endlessly fascinated by the habits and lifestyles of an eclectic bunch of characters an hour of sheer people watching bliss. It starts when Big Brother ends. Read more

Cambridge Spies

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Does it matter if a drama purporting to tell a true story becomes nothing more than the writer’s romantic supposition of what really happened? Not to the BBC, it would seem, on the basis of their four-part series Cambridge Spies. Read more