Who! Who! Who! Merry Christmas

Friday, December 2, 2005 by

It’s the press launch for Doctor Who: “The Christmas Invasion” on Monday 12 December, which is terribly exciting, obviously.

While Russell T Davies remains rubbish at coming up with alien names (Sycorax?), whispers already indicate the episode is going to be great. Sweeping, exciting and suitably expensive-looking. Even the Jane Tranter-endorsed invitations to the screening are lush – a glossy gatefold of that “TARDIS in the snow” picture.

Meanwhile, the bods at Radio Times seem terribly surprised their police box snow storm cover is already public knowledge, while fans grumble that, at of the time of writing, the offical website still isn’t sporting the Who trailer trumpted by the front page of

For all these reasons and more, Doctor Who continues to be the most entertaining thing ever.


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