Wendy Richard tribute programme

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The BBC will screen a tribute to the late Wendy Richard this evening. Read more

“For the Love of Christ!”

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Callan’s off to Walford. Read more


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Does anybody still watch EastEnders these days? Read more

Natal attraction

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Contrast the two storylines in our main soaps right now involving the aftermath of childbirth. Read more

B-b-b-b bullshit!

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Last Wednesday, I was in a smoke-filled room with Mike Reid. I was interviewing him to tie-in with UKTV Gold’s next EastEnders themed weekend, “Secrets and Lies”, which kicks off on June 3. Read more


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Resurrected on a whim, then killed off by expediency. What a way to go. Read more


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Is EastEnders on the cusp of a return to greatness or riding on the crest of a wave of mediocrity? Make your own mind up. However, what cannot be denied is that the writers have, at the present time, a golden opportunity to snatch victory from the jaws of the aforementioned mediocrity. Read more


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When I last reviewed this august institution, my negative – though, as I saw it, constructive – criticisms resulted in me receiving a barrage of hate mail from irate acolytes of this show. Read more


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If I were to write this review in the style of current EastEnders, then halfway through I’d have completely forgotten what it was that I was originally… bugger me, what was I talking about? Read more

EastEnders: It’s Your Party

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Not harsh, merely, but punitive. The treatment meted out by the BBC towards its once great flagship programme continues to beggar belief. EastEnders‘ slide into total irrelevance and self-parody, hastened with the arrival of a fourth weekly episode, almost inevitably had to be marked with an equally unwanted and misguided “tribute” such as this. Read more

EastEnders: The Family Album

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Scurrying along in the wake of Monty Python‘s 30th, Not the Nine O’clock News (and Newsnight‘s 20th and The Simpsons‘ 10th), comes the flags-and-bunting jamboree that is EastEnders‘ 15th birthday; a bizarre anniversary to mark in itself, and one that compounds the impression of television retrospective celebrations coming round on an almost weekly basis. Read more