Who’s hosting Comic Relief

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David Tennant will be hosting the first hour of Comic Relief Night it’s been revealed today. Read more

Comic Relief Night

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Like smoking, photos of journalists speaking into a telephone, and speeded-up footage of trains running from London to Brighton, Lenny Henry is something you don’t see much on TV anymore. Read more

Here is a photograph of various people looking at something over our right shoulder

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Further to Graham’s post about the Comic Relief launch yesterday, PopJustice has photographs.

Comic Relief does the press launch

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Some headlines (but not many, I’m tired) from this morning’s Comic Relief launch, held on a boat nestling beneath the London Eye.  Read more

“You just want a happy-clappy programme”

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Heat magazine (yeah, yeah) reports this week that the centrepiece for next year’s Comic Relief will be, oh God, Fame Academy again. It’s quite remarkable given that, by the time it comes around, it’ll have been four years since the last proper series of the show, but seemingly such is the dearth of ideas for Comic Relief, it’s being allowed to live on purely in its celebrity version forever. Indeed I’m not sure how the BBC are happy with this flop continuing – what next, Celebrity Eldorado? Read more

Comic Relief Night

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“Those nice people at McCain have taken the humble potato and turned it into a fundraising phenomenon!” Read more

Comic Relief Night

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Of all those dates in the calendar that remind you of advancing age, one of the most commanding, and depressing, is Comic Relief Night. Every two years it returns, unhelpfully prompting comparisons with last time round, and encouraging you to lower your expectations accordingly. Read more

Comic Relief Night

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We had to wait just 45 minutes for Lenny Henry to start screeching. Read more