Heroes without hope?

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With Heroes now on a break, it’s time to ask if the show is finally beyond all hope. Read more

The Third Coming

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Zachary Quinto as Sylar

Zachary Quinto as Sylar

The morning after Heroes series three debuted in the US, the BBC screened the opener for journalists at the Curzon cinema, Soho.

Roly Keating, Controller of BBC2, introduced the preview: “Huge apologies for the short notice, as you may have gathered we didn’t know till the last minute if we were going to have the materials to do this screening, as what you’re about to see only broadcast in America in the small hours of last night. This is as close to an American premiere as you’re ever going to get. Read more


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It’s been a while since I’ve been this apprehensive about the broadcast of the finale to a US import – and it’s been a while since a series has been trailed by this much critical acclaim from professionals and bloggers, professional bloggers and people with access to broadband saying in unison, “Great series, shame about the ending”. Read more

Holding out for Heroes

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I’m conscious that last time I mentioned it on here, I was pretty hacked off with Heroes. I’m following the second season, currently airing Monday nights in the US. Read more

…to zeros

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Before Heroes‘ second series began on NBC on Monday, the missus and I had a conversation. How long, we wondered, would we stick with the show if it suddenly turned awful? That’s the kind of thing we talk about, I’m afraid. Three episodes, we decided – it had earned that much leeway by dint of the first season being pretty much the most exciting thing on TV in years. Read more

Just for one day

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And, yes, they did play ‘Heroes’ by David Bowie. That was last night’s BBC-we’re-doing-it-just-because-we-can whizzo Heroes press party, held at the very top of the Gherkin in London. Stalking outside, a handful of enthusiasts in “Nathan Petrelli for President” t-shirts. Read more


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It’s been a while since I’ve been this excited about the broadcast of a new US import – but then it’s been a while since a series has been trailed by this much critical acclaim from professionals and bloggers and professional bloggers and people with access to broadband all chanting quietly, “Watch … Watch … Watch…”. Read more

“Heroes will be taking a short break”…

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…Those are seven words I really don’t want to be reading right now. Here I am, breathless after episode 18 of NBC’s fantastic sci fi show, and – like some sad, sappy fanboy – I log on to the official website to read that now the plot is stoked and white-hot… it’s going on holiday. Read more

Who’s a Hero two

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Well in an update to my earlier post, it now appears that BBC2 are going to be screening Heroes next year. This of course is great news (although I wonder where they’ll schedule it), and having now watched the first nine episodes, I am still proclaiming this to be the best thing on telly in ages (albeit ep six is a bit dull).

Who’s a Hero now?

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Not sure if this is confirmed or not yet, but it would appear that Christopher Eccleston is to join the cast of NBC’s new Lost beater - Heroes. If this news is true, then you have to conclude that it’s going to be a real waste if Heroes ends up on the Sci-Fi channel (which is supposedly bringing it to UK screens next year). After all, with repeats of The Tomorrow People and Quatermass excepted, the Sci-Fi channel has remained one of the last ports of call on most people’s remote controls. Read more