Fool if you think it’s over

Thursday, December 15, 2005 by

Robert Bathurst in interview: “Ah! Joking Apart! My favourite job ever. What’s more, there’s a fan with a plan. He’s a videotape editor who has spent the last year organising to buy the DVD rights from the BBC. And not only does he stand in the pub and moan on about how Joking Apart was a good show, he’s actually bought the rights to release it on DVD. We’re doing the extras for it at the beginning of the New Year with Steven Moffat and some of the cast .”

The chap Bathurst’s referring to runs the unofficial Joking Apart website, and represents the way TV fandom seems to be leading the DVD market right now. Not only have you got Alistair McGown spearheading a Star Maidens release (for God’s sake why, Alistair?), but Andy Priestner’s Survivors website seems to have to prompted that series’ emergence onto disc too.

So, how long until an OTT-sponsored Bob’s Full House box set, with an onscreen menu based on the big bingo board?


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