“It would look good with Action-Man in the middle”

Wednesday, December 7, 2005 by

The element of surprise returned to Dragon’s Den last night, as the final pitcher didn’t actually clinch the deal.

It’s been something of an irritant that in an effort to “tidy up” the show for its second series, the programme-makers have slightly reformatted it so – up until last night – the final proposal in each episode was always the one that elicited the cash. It meant that for the viewer, the play-along aspect of trying to second guess the Dragons’ reaction was out of the window … we now knew it was only the entrepreneur who showed up at 8.45pm who was going to get the money.

In light of last night’s rubbish second showing for the Baby Dream Machine sweats, here’s hoping next week sees the first bloke out of the trap enjoying success.

Aside from this grumble, the show is still the TV highlight of the week. Theo reeks of shyster-dom, and is a great replacement for the dandy Simon Woodroffe, while Peter’s huge aversion to shit seems to be making itself known in different ways every week. Doug has a brilliant capacity for being hugely offended at poorly thought through pitches, Rachel is constantly faced with the spectre of Red Letter Days whenever she gets into competition with any of the others and Duncan proves to be wonderfully brusque when he’s had enough of someone: “Thank you! Goodbye!”

All that, plus the “keep cooking” stuff from last night was class.


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