Good game, good game!

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Warning: Second Bruce-centric posting in a row. Read more

Regeneration game

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UKTV Gold changes its onscreen idents tomorrow. Still the same logo, but now it’s appearing on a load of space-hoppers to play up the channel’s retro programming policy. Although, far be it from me to grumble about the network binning off its truly interesting archive programme in the early ’90s for back-to-backĀ Only Fools. Read more

Graham Norton is here to play so…

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It takes an awful lot to make you pine for Jim Davidson, but Graham Norton damn near managed it with Generation Fame. Perhaps the most frustrating thing about this whole dismal exercise was that you knew exactly what it was going to be like beforehand, and yet the Gen Game still had enough goodwill in the tank to make you give it a go. Read more