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With Doctor Who actors past and (seemingly) future all over the first episode Read more

Totally viral

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But who out of this lot will survive?

But who out of this lot will survive?

The BBC’s new take on Terry Nation’s Survivors starts this Sunday and it’s actually really good. As per Little Dorrit we’re getting a bit of scheduling madness in that it then continues on Tuesday, where it’ll stay for the rest of its run.

OTT was fortunate enough to talk to Adrian Hodges, the Primeval supremo who’s penned this revival. 

“I can very, very clearly recall watching the first episode [of the original series].” he says. “And I can remember the impact it had, and the shock that was felt by everybody who saw it. Subsequently, when I became a writer, that was the kind of thing I was always looking to create. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. That’s the way it goes.”

Read the full interview here >>

The end of the world – coming soon

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Is this the end? Or a new beginning?

Is this the end? Or a new beginning?

Please God, don’t let me be the only one“. 

Surely not the sentiment of the BBC press office last night at the Apollo West End in Piccadilly as they launched Adrian Hodges’ remake of Terry Nation’s, er, novel based on the 1970s post apocalyptic TV series.

In fact there was a pretty good turnout – this is a show that from the announcement of its commission has really captured the imagination of the TV industry. Read more

“Please… don’t let me be the only one!”

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Notes to Editors
The architect behind the Daleks, Terry Nation is acknowledged as one of the creators of Doctor Who. Although he wrote half of the episodes of the first series, he left at the end of that series and launched his next BBC masterpiece, Blake’s 7, about a mob of criminals on the run from the sinister Terran Federation in a stolen alien spaceship. Terry Nation died from emphysema in 1997. Read more

Soap survivors

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In recent years there haven’t been any truly innovative soap formats. Read more

Left hand/right hand

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MediaGuardian today reports that the BBC is considering plundering ideas from times past yet again to revive another show from days of old. This time, the programme in question is Survivors, or rather Terry Nation’s Survivors as the Nation Estate would probably prefer it to be known this time around. Read more