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Tuesday, February 12, 2008 by

I mentioned ages ago how, while I still think Curb Your Enthusiasm is extremely funny, I can’t always enjoy it as much as I’d like because I get frustrated by the supporting characters behaving in totally illogical and unreasonable ways. I know the whole concept of the series is that we’re supposed to laugh at Larry’s ineptitude, but he’d such an appealing character that you often can’t help but root for him and take his side in arguments.

The same is true of the current series, currently being shown on More4, but I think there’s another problem now – what on Earth has happened to Cheryl? Previously, Cheryl played an important part in the show – she was as embarrassed and appalled at the worst excesses of Larry’s behaviour as everyone else, but the series always pointed out the pair had a great relationship and she would be smart and witty enough to help dig Larry out of most holes.

In this series, though, she seems to have become a humourless, rather unpleasant individual who seems to be in the show purely to start arguments and disapprove of Larry’s behaviour. In fact I don’t think she’s even smiled once, in between chastising Larry for buying forbidden toilet roll, banning Jeff from their house or shouting at Larry without even waiting to hear his side of the story.

At the moment I’m actually rather relieved when Cheryl isn’t on screen ready to show him up or cause problems. Does this carry on throughout the whole series?

Either way, for now, who’d have thought Susie would become the most appealing female character on this show?


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