Sladen with goodness

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Sarah Jane and friends

Sarah Jane and friends

So what links The Sarah Jane Adventures to The One Show? Answer below.

As Dave Golder’s already reported on the SFX website, last night saw the press launch for series three of the excellent Doctor Who spin-off, The Sarah Jane Adventures.

The opener, ‘Prisoner of the Judoon’, is most notable for Elisabeth Sladen’s truly brilliant, and slightly bonkers, performance as an evil Sarah Jane. It’s a two-parter packed with thrills and gags, although, as Dave points out in his piece, the Chandra parents do come across as superfluous to the action… but they are nicely played. Read more

The Doctor is in… The Sarah Jane Adventures

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Let’s just cut to the BBC press release, shall we? Read more

The Sarah Jane Adventures

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“The Bane, Slitheen, the Gorgon, the Trickster. Read more

Viva Bannerman Road!

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Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane

Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith

This afternoon, CBBC premiered series two of The Sarah Jane Adventures to the press. And, a very upbeat gathering it was too, filing into the Rex Cinema on Rupert Street in the middle of London. Read more

“The wife gave me cabbage and bean tartlets last night…”

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“… Yet another reason to despise Jamie Oliver.”

Just finished watching the first two episodes of The Sarah Jane Adventures (now confirmed for Monday 24 September at 5pm on BBC1), and I feel a little bit exhilarated. With 25 minute episodes this does indeed feel rather like old schoolWho. Not a huge deal of plot, but lots of exciting moments and archetypical flourishes (unseen baddies monitoring our heroes via CCTV and cackling evilly). And it moves like the clappers.  Read more

The Sarah Jane Adventures

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It’s the law. It’s Doctor Who-related, so we have to fret about it. It must be the subject of fevered expectation. Read more

“This time we’ll kill Sarah Jane Smith properly!”

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“Sonic lipstick”, a giant fold-out computer called Mr Smith, SJ whizzing around in a Nissan Figaro, a craze for fizzy drinks sweeping the nation… the preview disc for The Sarah Jane Adventures has hit my desk, and it looks awfully good. Read more

“You idiot, Lizzy!”

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Despite my disgraceful grumping about last Saturday’s Doctor Who, I’m, obviously, still hopelessly devoted to the show and thus excited to an equally disgraceful degree when I get to interview any of the cast. This afternoon, it was a telephone call to Elisabeth Sladen. Yer actual Sarah Jane Smith! Read more