Last Man Standing

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It would be very easy to be cynical about Last Man Standing. The BBC has had, embedded in its DNA almost since its first day of transmission, a mission to educate and inform the nation’s youth. Read more

The Secret Millionaire

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It’s a rare production company that chooses to atone for past failings by making another TV series. RDF Media, however, has decided to make up for Wife Swap with The Secret Millionaire, a disconcertingly similar show that somehow manages to be the exact opposite of its flawed predecessor. Read more

The Outsiders

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It’s possible for a show to be doing all the right things, yet be let down by one element so badly, that watching it becomes akin to having a kidney removed by over-enthusiastic gibbons. Read more

Property Ladder

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There are few more costly ways of making money than property development. Hundreds of thousands, are needed to be a professional developer just for the raw materials and the building. Read more

The Man Whose Arms Exploded

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You pretty much know what you’re going to get when you watch a documentary on five entitled The Man Whose Arms Exploded. Read more

The F Word

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The F Word is a double entendre. On the face it, it would appear to be a show about cookery, with the F obviously standing for food. In actual fact, it’s about swearing. Read more

Doctor Who

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Throughout the land, grown men are crying. This isn’t because of some major sporting event, the death of a cherished footballer or because the Queen is 80. Read more

The Apprentice

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Part reality-TV car crash, part Big Boy’s Book of Business, The Apprentice is a television show many people end up loving without really understanding why. Read more

The IT Crowd

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From the creator of Father Ted! From the producer of The Office! Occasionally guest starring Chris Morris! Read more

Charlie Brooker’s Screen Wipe

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TV shows about TV shows have a long, but not very distinguished history. Read more

Eleventh Hour

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Every so often, a show comes along that is so derivative, so unoriginal, it becomes almost impossible to decide exactly what it’s ripping off. Read more


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Lewis showed once again that detective-show formulas are often a bigger draw than the detectives themselves. Read more