“John Gorman, you’re still alive!”

Friday, May 25, 2007 by

This morning I’ve been on the phone to Lenny Henry, who’s promoting his new show, Lenny’s Britain, which comes to BBC1 on Thursday 14 June. Obviously, I took a moment to talk about ITV1′s upcoming (and now rather delayed) Tiswas Reunited. Here’s what he had to say…

Did you take part in Tiswas Reunited?

I was in Tiswas Reunited.

How was that?

It was an enjoyable experience, although I couldn’t help feeling that – you know – I was watching that guy do that stuff with the David Bellamy beard falling off and we just seemed to laugh all the time. And I was watching it thinking, “What the fuck were we laughing at? What were we laughing at?!” We just pissed ourselves continually! It was brilliant. It was a really good night. The easiest day in the studio I’ve ever had. So much fun.

Did you fall back into the old roles?

Well what was amazing about it – I think I wrote about this in my blog on I knew it was going to be a good day at the photo session for the Radio Times, about two weeks before. And it was me John Gorman, Bob Carolgees, Sally James and Chris Tarrant. From the second I walked in and said, “John Gorman you’re still alive, this is amazing!” … Bob Carolgees, who still has 5000 Spit the Dogs hidden in his garage, even though he says he sold the last one on eBay to some bloke. Sally James, who still looks remarkable for her age, still wearing very tight-fitting clothing. And finally Chris Tarrant – a bundle of energy in the middle of it all. There were sparks flying off people, and it was incredibly electric the whole day. And the photo session was really good fun, and I just thought, “If this is what the day’s going to be like in the studio, we’re going to have a hoot”. It was really good fun.

Will we get one final “OK” from Algernon?

Well, you get… I mean Chris really didn’t want us to do very much because it’s a clip show, we’re sort of looking back on things and saying, “God, Paul McCartney sang The Bucket of Water Song! Phil Collins was in Compost Corner pretending to be a flower! Annie Lennox got flanned by the Phantom Flan Flinger!” It was a remarkable show. Status Quo got flanned! It was phenomenal. So there are lots of clips. But we do do some stuff in the studio, and there’s a rendition of The Bucket of Water Song that has to be seen to be believed. And there’s the cage… It’s really good fun.


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