Ben Preston is the new Radio Times editor

Wednesday, June 17, 2009 by

The Independent’s executive editor is moving over to the RT.

Sharing these good times with us...

Sharing these good times with us...

Mediaguardian broke the story today, bringing to an end weeks of speculation following the announcement of Gill Hudson’s resignation back in April.

Click through on the Guardian link to read more about Ben Preston, who’s married to Times columnist (and former colleague) Janice Turner.

For industry insiders, the appointment is something of a surprise. Radio Times was rumoured to be interviewing editors from various rival listings magazines, indicating it was to take a more aggressively commercial approach.

The last time the magazine appointed from the broadsheets was in 2001, when former Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times journalist Nigel Horne was appointed editor. He was replaced 12 months later by Gill Hudson.


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