Wrapped up in Books
TJ Worthington on Belle and Sebastian
It’s something of a recurring theme among the dubbed imported children’s serials shown by the BBC in the 1960s and ’70s that they went on to find additional fame in another, entirely unrelated and unexpected, medium. The Flashing Blade, for example, later enjoyed a new lease of popularity through a comic redubbing that attained cult status, while Belle and Sebastian, almost by accident, went on to enjoy a cult status of a very different kind… more>

“You’ve Got to Fight for What You Want”
TJ Worthington on The Flashing Blade

Noise! Adventure! Glitter!
TJ Worthington remembers Zokko!

Never Seen No Place Nowhere Similar
Paul Stump on No.73

Of Finger Mice and Mr Men
The Story of Watch With Mother by TJ Worthington

Part One: Andy Pandy’s Coming to Play

Part Two: Was it Bill or Was it Ben?

Part Three: “Now Where Shall We Find The Pogles?”

Part Four: “Here is a Box, a Musical Box…”

Part Five: “Do You Live in a Town?”

Part Six: “These Hands Were Made for Making”

Part Seven: As If By Magic

Part Eight: “I Think I’ll Have … Strawberry”

Part Nine: “Wake Up, Be Bright, Be Golden and Light…”

Part Ten: “Proboscis Monkeys We”

Part Eleven: Andy is Waving Goodbye

Flying Near the Sun
Rob Buckley on Codename: Icarus, and adult drama for children

Peep-peep, Pandit and ‘papers
TJ Worthington on Richard Carpenter and Look and Read

In the Grip of Terror
Glenn Aylett on Grange Hill‘s Gripper Stebson

Windows ’64
TJ Worthington on Play School

There’s a Ghost in My Horse
TJ Worthington on Rentaghost

“Space Goes on Forever”
TJ Worthington on Look and Read: “The Boy From Space”

“And Now, For Younger Viewers…”
Steve Williams with a brief history of the Broom Cupboard

“Everyone Sing His Name”
TJ Worthington on The Adventures of Rupert Bear

Days of Future Passed
David Sheldrick on Timeslip

Music of the Spheres
Jonathan Benton-Hughes on excavating the music of The Clangers

Live on Arrival
Steve Williams on the rise and fall of Live & Kicking

Doctor Who
A collection of articles on Doctor Who

The Man Who
An introduction to Doctor Who by Graham Kibble-White

Signs of the Times
Ian Jones on Doctor Who, popular culture and the politics of science

We are the Masters of Earth
Graham Kibble-White on the Doctor Who fanbase

Timed Travel
Ian Jones on Doctor Who in the schedules

Why Doctor, You’ve Changed
by Jack Kibble-White

Part One: “Carnival of Monsters”

Part Two: “Mysterious Planet”

Part Three: “The Faceless Ones”

Part Four: “Full Circle”

Who? Me?
Andrew Collins on taking part in a Big Finish Doctor Who audio adventure

But is it Art?: The Extra Bits
Graham Kibble-White looks at the most successful Doctor Who stories ever

“It’s Only What You Think That Matters … Only What You See”
David Sheldrick on Ace of Wands

The Norbridge Files
Stephen O’Brien and Jim Sangster on Press Gang

Our Brother in Magic
Robin Carmody on Catweazle

Light and Shadows by Turns … But Always Love
Robin Carmody on Moondial