Appointment With Fear
Jack Kibble-White on TV spine-chillers
In the last few years, television drama’s output has embraced an increasingly wider array of fantastical concepts. Doctor Who, Primeval and the recent six-part Jekyll have all done their bit to restore to the small screen the genre referred to by its fans as “telefantasy”… more>

The Play’s the Thing
Stuart Ian Burns thinks TV should go to the theatre more often

Treachery With a Smile on its Face
Ian Jones on the House of Cards trilogy

When Soaps Die
Ian Jones exhumes the corpses of fallen soap operas

No Need to Panic…
Chris Orton on The Mad Death and “infection” drama on British television

This Article Terminates Here
A journey through Euston films by Ian Jones

“I’ll Find Out Things – I’ll Find Out Who Done it”
Ian Jones on The Singing Detective

“Life’s Such a Puzzle to You, isn’t it?”
Ian Jones on John le Carré, George Smiley and the BBC

Adventures in TV Land
Jack Kibble-White on entertainment dramas

“And if What Comes Next May Seem Incredible, Believe it”
Ian Jones on I, Claudius

Partly Political Broadcasts
Jack Kibble-White on political dramas

Jack Kibble-White on Inspector Morse and long-form crime dramas

And the Beat Goes on…
Jack Kibble-White on The Bill and police ensemble dramas

The Void
Kevin Donnelly on Threads

Little Britain
Graham Kibble-White on Triangle

Warriors Behind the Wire: The Soap Opera Goes to War
David Agnew on Tenko

Alan Bleasdale
A collection of articles on the works of Alan Bleasdale

“I Can’t Believe That There’s No Hope”
Ian Jones on Boys from the Blackstuff

Over the Top
Graham Kibble-White on The Monocled Mutineer and the ousting of Alasdair Milne

“There’s a Poison About – and it’s Getting Worse by the Day”
Ian Jones of GBH

Almost Blue
Ian Jones on making music for Alan Bleasdale

Great Expectations
Jack Kibble-White on reaction to Jake’s Progress

Jobs for the Girls
David Agnew on Widows

Everyday Folk and Inflation

Jack Kibble-White on high drama in Coronation Street and EastEnders

Slowly Addictive
Ben Morris on The House of Eliott

A collection of articles celebrating Cracker

Angry and Ugly
Jack Kibble-White with an introduction to Cracker

What the Papers Said
Graham Kibble-White compiles contemporary reviews of ‘The Mad Woman in the Attic’

Breaking the Code
Graham Kibble-White on ‘The Big Crunch’

The Big Number Crunch
Jack Kibble-White rates Cracker

Eliminating the Impossible
Ian Jones on Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes

Tales of Mystery and Imagination
David Sheldrick on Sapphire and Steel

No Commie Freaks in The Little House on the Prairie!
David Savage on Little House on the Prairie

Yosser’s Better than Fitz
Jack Kibble-White on TV drama in the 1990s

Waiting to Watch
The Story of Starwatch by Jack Kibble-White