TV’s voices of football by Steve Williams

For 70 years, football and television have been inextricably linked. That’s why, whenever you think of the 1966 World Cup Final, you’re more likely to remember Kenneth Wolstenholme’s commentary before anything else. Gazza’s tears from the 1990 tournament will forever be accompanied in our mind’s eye with a fluttering CGI England flag and the legend “19 PAUL GASCOIGNE: Booked”, while it’s a fact that whenever Maradona’s performance in 1986 is hauled out of the archives, somebody somewhere will be wondering if that’s a giant spider casting such a weird shadow on the pitch… more>

Prologue: “I Don’t Recall David Coleman Doing a Lot of This”

Part One: “We’re in Beatleville”

Part Two: “Fulham’s Famous Bearded Inside-Right”

Part Three: “Goals Pay the Rent”

Part Four: “Sunderland are in the Stripes”

Part Five: “I Don’t Want to be a Pessimist”

Part Six: “Don’t Do It, Jimmy

Part Seven: “You’ve Obviously Heard There’s a Match On”

Part Eight: “A Whole New Ball Game”

Part Nine: “I Don’t Know, I Can’t Speak Spanish”

Part Ten: “He’s Got a Pineapple on his Head”

Part Eleven: “He Can Sit There Playing With His Silly Machines”

Part Twelve: “The Channel That Brings You England Goals”

Part Thirteen: “We’ve Got all the Football”

Part Fourteen: “I’ve Had Talks”

Part Fifteen: “Born Out of a Love of the Game”

Epilogue: “All the Football, All of the Time, Forever”

Extra Time: “We Hate Setanta”

“Why Does it All Have to be so Terribly Loud?”
TJ Worthington on The Pink Floyd’s appearance on The Look of the Week

Petrolhead Purgatory
Paul Stump argues Richard Hammond’s accident should spell the end for Top Gear

Standby for a Data-Blast
Jack Kibble-White on British TV and the home computer

“I Hope You’re Not Following Me”
Ian Jones on Around the World in 80 Days

I Love 2000
Steve Williams on the TV nostalgia boom

The Good Word
Ian Jones on the history of Nationwide

“Everyone Must be Young and Beautiful”
DEF II Revisited by Ian Jones

Part One: “I Want To Subvert Mainstream TV”

Part Two: She Bangs The Drums

Epilogue: “A Headless Legion”

Kilroy’s Kingdom
Daniel Stour on Kilroy

Election Television
A collection of articles on British television’s coverage of General Elections

“A Five-Times-a-Night Prime Minister?”
Ian Jones, Jack Kibble-White and Steve Williams on BBC1 and ITV’s 2005 Election Night

9.55pm – Midnight

Midnight – 3am

3am – 1pm

“In Case You Missed it, Labour Won”
Ian Jones, Jack Kibble-White and Steve Williams on BBC1 and ITV’s 2001 Election Night

9.55pm – Midnight

Midnight – 3am

3am – 1pm

Good Morning Prime Minister
Robin Carmody on UK General Election coverage

“This is an Experiment”
Jack Kibble-White and Ian Jones with a brief history of Party Election Broadcasts

“The Most Expensive Slimming Club in the World”
Jack Kibble-White on Castaway 2000

Can’t Cook? Watch TV!
Cameron Borland on cookery programmes

Big Brother
A collection of articles on Big Brother

Orwell, and Good
Graham Kibble-White introduces Big Brother

Heroes and Hate Figures
David Agnew on Big Brother and representation

And from the Ministry of Truth…
Ian Jones on press response to Big Brother

Don’t See it that Way
Jack Kibble-White on Big Brother and narrative

Big Brother’s Big Brain
Jack Kibble-White on why we should take BB7 seriously

“If I Could Change the World, I’d Change it into a Diamond”
Ian Jones on the Seven Up films

Entrenched Warfare
Jane Redfern on Living with the Enemy