“Bungle’s Having a Pee!”
Graham Kibble-White interviews David Cook
In 2007, while working on a book that ultimately was never to be completed (the publisher went bust), I tracked down the original presenter of Thames Television’s long-running lunchtime children’s show, Rainbowmore>

“A Continual Quest for Invention”
Graham Kibble-White interviews David Renwick

“What Happens When There is no Society”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Adrian Hodges

“Wow! Zombies! Brilliant!”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Charlie Brooker

“The Only Reason I Did This Was to Become an Action Figure!”
Graham Kibble-White interviews John Barrowman

“Small Parts in Big Shows and Big Parts in Small Shows”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Sharon Horgan

“What Use is This Internet Anyway?”
Steve Williams interviews Bernard Newnham

“It Was a Bunch of Fun”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Mike Reid

“I Was Thinking About Your Husband’s Codpiece This Morning”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Tom Baker

“I Laugh at You ‘cos You’re all the Same”
Graham Kibble-White interviews David Icke

“It Was Us, Basil Brush and Terry Wogan”
Ian Jones interviews Peter Christie of Instant Sunshine

“Ready to Knock, Show us Your Cock”
Chris Diamond, Steve Williams, Cameron Borland and Steve Berry interview the Play School presenters

“We All Thought We Were Going to Be Noel Edmonds”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Andy Crane

“I Was ‘Named and Shamed’ in the News of the World”
TJ Worthington interviews Arthur Mathews

“Fill the Stage With Flags!”
Ian Jones interviews Cecil Korer

“I’ve Got a Huge Ego”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Gary Russell

“That Was the Best Version I Have Ever Heard of It”
TJ Worthington interviews Ron Roker

“Get Me Some Beer and Fags!”
TJ Worthington interviews Roger Griffiths

“I’d Certainly Be Happy to Bring Hartley Back”
Ian Jones interviews Nigel Plaskitt

“The Show’s Not Called ‘Big Sister’”
Matthew Rudd interviews Cameron Stout

“This is What Happens to Make Reality TV”
Jack Kibble-White interviews Julia Corrigan

“I Am Definitely More Careful When Speaking to Stangers”
Jack Kibble-White interviews Austin Daboh

“I Was Deaded by the Rangdo!”
Ian Jones interviews Patrick Dowling and Ian Oliver

“No-one Killed Saturday Night”
Jack Kibble-White interviews Christopher Bruce and Martin Cunning

“It Was Great While it Lasted”
Graham Kibble-White interviews “Bernie the Bolt”, Alan Bailey

“You Were Right, Lovejoy”
Jack Kibble-White, Chris Diamond and Rose Ruane interview Dudley Sutton

“We Basically Get to Make What We Like!”
Jack Kibble-White interviews Tom Ware

“Spiking the Narrative”
Jack Kibble-White interviews David Bodycombe, Simon Goodman and Jerry Glover

“The Magic Word Here is ‘Paradox’”
Jack Kibble-White interviews Nigel Kneale

“I Think I Saw a Bleak Norfolk Village on Property Ladder”
Ian Jones interviews Andrew Collins

“Palmer Should Have Phoned Out for Pizza”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Mark Wright

“Kids in Jeans”
Graham Kibble-White talks to Alistair McGown and Mark Docherty

“That’s Why TV’s the Most Powerful Medium We Have”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Jim Sangster

Learning From The Experiment

“I am the Voice of BMW”
Chris Diamond interviews David Suchet

“Celebrity Bar & Grill”
Chris Diamond interviews Conor McAnally

RT Party
Steve Williams interviews Tony Currie

“Positive Comedy”
Graham Kibble-White interviews Steven Moffat

“A Game on Both Sides”
Documentary Maker and Subject in conversation with Jack Kibble-White

“It’s Probably Had Coupling Taped Over it”
Steve Williams interviews Lee and Herring