Paper View
John Phillips on the US version of The Office
Of all the things I saw on my TV over Christmas, what do you think I found the most heart-warming? The billionth showing of Del falling over in a wine bar? The trillionth of Eric Morecambe’s artistic differences with Andre Previn? No, it was when Steve Carell’s face popped up in a trailer stating Paramount Comedy was to start showing NBC’s version of The Office, or as it’s sometimes rather stuffily billed outside its home nation, The Office: An American Workplacemore>

Thanks for Dropping By
TJ Worthington looks back at Girls on Top

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty, Pretty Good
Ian Jones salutes Curb Your Enthusiasm

“There’s Nobody Here But Us Chickens!”
TJ Worthington on Nightingales

Than the Universe
TJ Worthington on Out of the Trees

School’s Out!
TJ Worthington looks back at Hardwicke House

Fool if You Think it’s Over
Graham Kibble-White on the struggle to bring a neglected comedy classic to DVD

“I Don’t Know How I Keep a Straight Face!”
TJ Worthington on Phil Cool

“I Hope the Lawyers are Getting all This!”
The Have I Got News For You story by Matthew Rudd

Part One: “The Cresote You Can Trust”

Part Two: “Sperm of the Devil”

Part Three: “Well, Daddy’s Dead”

The Simpsons
A collection of articles by Steve Williams and Ian Jones examining The Simpsons

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Steve Williams and Ian Jones with an introduction to The Simpsons

“Cartoons Have Writers?”
Steve Williams and Ian Jones on the history of The Simpsons

“Now Let us Never Speak of it Again”
Ian Jones and Steve Williams on the second decade of The Simpsons

“That is so 1991!”
Steve Williams and Ian Jones on the BBC’s scheduling of The Simpsons

How to Make a Simpsons Episode
By Steve Williams and Ian Jones

Five of the Best… and Five of the Worst
Steve Williams and Ian Jones on the best and worst of The Simpsons

Taking the Peace
TJ Worthington on Hippies

Johnny Rotten?
Chris Diamond on Fairly Secret Army

“You Have Been Watching…”
Chris Diamond on Hi-De-Hi!

Families at War
Chris Diamond on Never The Twain

Keep Your Sunny Side Up!
Chris Diamond on Clarence

Funny Business
Jack Kibble-White on the British sitcom

In a Style of My Choosing…
Matthew Rudd on Whose Line is it Anyway?

“I Wasn’t Even Supposed to be on this Network”
Stuart Ian Burns on Clerks: The Animated Series

Good Pin-Up Material
TJ Worthington on Xerxes

“Gee, Sarge!”
Chris Diamond on The Phil Silvers Show

“Excuse Me, I Feel a Prayer Coming On…”
Chris Diamond on Scotch and Wry

“Who’d Notice Another Madman Around Here?”
Ian Jones and Jack Kibble-White on the final episode of Blackadder Goes Forth

Fist of Fun
Ian Jones on The 1993 British Comedy Awards

Blah Blah Blah
Ian Jones on The Comic Strip Presents…

“Shut up, Andre!”
Steve Williams on The Show

Baked Beans and Boy Scouts
Jack Kibble-White on Comic Relief

“Are They Gonna Leave the ‘Nanas on it?”
Steve Williams on the music of Comic Relief

A Celebration of Mediocrity
Steve Williams on Lee and Herring

“Oh Christ, I’ve Left the Iron on!”
Ian Jones on A Bit of Fry and Laurie