…And boil for another four years

Thursday, June 8, 2006 by

On Tuesday May 30, Gordon Ramsay held court over breakfast at The Connaught Hotel. Betwixt the world’s tiniest muffins and the lukewarm tea, he answered questions from the press regarding his TV future. As ITV were perched to woo him into an exclusive contract, he said…

“I’m very lucky to have the situation as it currently is. ITV did put an offer in a month ago. BBC1 as well. That’s all going to be resolved, I think, by the end of this week/beginning of next week.”

And indeed it has, as yesterday C4 put out a press release declaring the chef’s now signed up with them for another four years. This is good news, as Ramsay on ITV1 would be a horrible combo. Well, okay, Hell’s Kitchen series one was fantastic, but, let’s face it, the channel would’ve splashed him all over the place, wouldn’t they? Perhaps in a pairing with Andi Peters?

Anyway, back at the Connaught, Ramsay spoke a little about how he views his TV career …

“So, am I ambitious for television? I suppose I’m ambitious to do well, really. I’m not just saying it, but when you go into a situation like Kitchen Nightmares or The F Word, is it really about the television? It’s about the quality first.

“I am ambitious, there’s no two ways about it. I want to do well. We will do well. And there’s something really exciting for next year in the pot. A really amazing idea.”


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