Stelling tales

Monday, March 20, 2006 by

A slight return on Chris’ Jeff Stelling comments, here.

Channel 4′s new series, TV Heaven, Telly Hell (what a rubbish title!) features celebs slating and rating their favourite small screen moments. The show kicks off on Sunday March 26, with Alan Davies in the hot seat. In later weeks, Johnny Vaughan, David Mitchell, Bill Bailey, Johnny Vegas and Nick Hancock will all have a go. Of the former Big Breakfastanchor (I said, “anchor”) the programme’s host, Sean Lock, has said in interview …

“Johnny Vaughan is a very passionate man and he loves Jeff Stelling, you know, who does the results service on Sky Sports, because he’s got almost idiot savant levels of dealing with results and the implications of any game. Like Tranmere could draw with Lincoln City and he can work out the implications for about 14 different clubs, their relegation or play-off situation, in seconds. He has this unique mind, we call it.”


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