Edited by Ian Jones, a snapshot of 24 hours of British television in 2000. With contributions from Graham and Jack Kibble-White, David Agnew and Robin Carmody

By Ian Jones

The British Broadcasting Corporation: An Overview
By Ian Jones

Independent Television: An Overview
By Ian Jones

Channel 4: An Overview
By Graham Kibble-White

Channel 5: An Overview
By Graham Kibble-White

BBC1: 6am – 1pm | 1pm – 6pm | 6pm – 6am
By Jack Kibble-White

BBC2: 6am – 6pm | 6pm – 6am
By Robin Carmody 

ITV: 6am – 12.20pm | 12.20pm – 5.30pm | 5.30pm – 6am
By Ian Jones 

C4: 6am – 12noon | 12noon – 6pm | 6pm – 6am
By Graham Kibble-White

C5: 6am – 12noon 12noon – 6pm | 6pm – 6am
By Graham Kibble-White 

Listings: 9 March 2000

The Long and Winding Road
The last 20 years of British terrestrial television by Graham Kibble-White

Five More Years
Ian Jones updates OTT’s TV24 for 2005