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Thursday, July 6, 2006 by

OTT’s pick of the day? Why not?

Tonight on five sees the start of the second series of The Hotel Inspector. Cruelly under-promoted last time out, it really is a cracking show. Shamelessly following in the footsteps of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares the format sees award-winning hotelier and dispenser of plain-good-old-fashioned-common-sense Ruth Watson visit the armpit of the UK’s hospitality industry.

In this first episode she descend upon the disturbingly twee Saxonia, a three Diamond, eight-bed guesthouse in Weston Super Mare run by Jon and Sandie Harrap. There she locks horns with the former, in what he describes as a series of intellectual discussions – and it’s great.

Tellingly, there’s one moment where Ruth totally drops the TV presenter veneer and barks at the couple to just get on and buy a new canopy, instead of dithering about paint colours. It’s a total loss of composure situation, and Jon even has to tell her to calm down. Better yet is the sudden slew of “fucks” she unleashes when things go tits up in the kitchen towards the end of the episode. And she seemed so prim.

Yeah, okay, the commentary is a little too arch, but it makes up for it with a fantastic joke at the expence of Jon’s party attire. So, that’s The Hotel Inspector tonight on five at 9pm.


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