The new season… on BBC1!

Tuesday, December 6, 2005 by

So, BBC1 have announced their winter and spring offerings for 2006, and while it’s a mixed affair, what sounds good sounds very good. I’m really looking forward to Life On Mars, which sounds great, and given that it’s from Kudos (Spooks and Hustle) it has a pretty decent pedigree (I say that never having actually seen an episode of Hustle).

There’s a Jimmy McGovern drama, The Street, starring Jim Broadbent, Jane Horrocks, Sue Johnstone and Timothy Spall. While there’s no doubting the pedigree of the cast and the writer, you can imagine exactly what this going to be like, can’t you? Expect the word “searing” to be used in broadsheet newspaper previews.

I’m quite looking forward to Richard Hammond in Search of The Holy Grail too. He’s in serious, serious danger of over-exposure at the moment, thanks to the prevailing ‘Richard Hammond craze’, but I do think he’s a brilliant presenter. So long as he presents this from a clapped-out 1970s Ferrari, with smoke continually coming out of the bonnet. If only the Beeb had booked Clarkson and Hammond to do the new Generation Game.

And there’s Davina McCall’s new chat show, which the Media Guardian reckons is going to be on Wednesday nights at eight (and which the Media Guardian reckons is a weird time for a chat show – did Des O’Connor keep feeding all those lines to Joe Pasquale et al all those years in vain?), which is not the most appetising prospect, I’ve got to say. Davina gets on primetime BBC1, being all shouty and attention-seeking, while Claudia Winkleman is still in exile on teatime BBC2 being all light and charming. Truly, we are living in unjust times.

Oh, and Just the Two of Us, which is really just Strictly Come Singing, although the regional voting format (the losers have to go to the region that liked them least and drum up votes) sounds intriguing. They don’t seem to have named a host for that, yet, however…


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