Is it genius? Is it Suffolk

Monday, December 5, 2005 by

Surely the biggest problem with Space Cadets is not the fact that it is a hoax, but rather that it will be Johnny Vaughan’s smug chops revealing the truth to the bogus astronauts (should any of them remain untwigged)?

The choice of him as presenter has sent out a clear signal that, regardless of what Channel 4 are proclaiming, Space Cadets is going to be a smug and nasty bit of television. Just imagine how the programme would sound if, say, Dermot O’Leary was presenting? It’s a totally different prospect, isn’t it? Unfortunately Vaughan conjures up an image of a production team made up of an army of jeans-hanging-of-the-arse, directional haircuts pissing themselves at how damn funny they are. Let’s hope one of the contestants is sufficiently irate to punch Vaughan in the face.


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