The five facts of Doctor Who

Tuesday, December 13, 2005 by

Five points of interest from yesterday’s Doctor Who: “The Christmas Invasion” press launch, which I’ll doubtlessly be regurgitating all over the place for the next few days …

1) The middle-eight is back! After declaring he was getting rid of it because it sounded too much like Do They Know it’s Christmas?, Murray Gold has reinstated the twiddly bit in the closing theme tune. It might just be because the credits for the Christmas special go on forever, but here’s hoping we’ll be hearing more of it next year.

2) Paul Abbott was in attendance. He was rumoured to be contributing a script to the show’s first year, but pulled out due to work committments. With Stephen Fry’s contribution for series two apparently delayed, could this hint at Abbott stepping up as a super-sub? Or perhaps he was simply there because he’s a friend of Russell T Davies … let’s get this in perspective.

3) Following the screening (it was great, by the way, and, doubtlessly I’ll be reviewing it on the 25th) A journo from The Mirror asked RTD if the Doctor’s line about having ginger hair was meant to be a barb at Chris Evans. Honestly, the leap of imagination required to make such a conclusion … RTD seemed non-plussed at this (besides – SPOILER! – the Doctor is actually disappointed not to be a ginge this time out) and pointed out that this was one journo who’d obviously found their own “angle” on the day.

4) Peter Fincham – who seems to have spent the latter part of the year showing up at these things and admitting that, yes, this is another Lorraine Heggessey commission – mentioned that the attendence for the screening was easily double the number that showed up for the BBC1 Winter/Spring 2006 launch.

5) Jane Tranter called RTD, “everbody’s personal icon” … whatever that means. It made him laugh a lot, though.


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