Same but different

Wednesday, May 16, 2007 by

Is the BBC working against itself or has The Restaurant been renamed? I’ve just spotted this advert on Gumtree, the online classified ad service:

“If anyone is looking for the chance to own their own restaurant for a day and show off their signature dish then this could be the opportunity. BBC1 is filming a new series this summer called Making A Meal Of It. They are looking for 10 pairs of amateur cooks to have a go at running a restaurant as head chef and front-of-house manager. The BBC will provide the restaurant, the staff and the diners. This is ideal for anyone who has dreamt of running there own restaurant, but has never had the time or money to do so. The restaurant will be yours to cook whatever you want, whether it be a ultra-modern sushi bar or a cheery organic café, nothing could be too wild.”

“But it will be important to impress as the diners will be judging the value of each meal on taste, presentation, service and overall dining experience. Each restaurateur will be up against 4 other contestants and the couple that turns over the highest profit wins the total earnings. This could be a life changing opportunity and you could find out if you really have what it takes to run a restaurant. If you think this is the opportunity and challenge you are up to, then email the team at”

The formats seem incredibly similar, don’t they? There are a couple of differences. The suggestion here is that the restaurant will be a closed environment, they’ll only have it for a day and that the contestants won’t be actually running a business – which is the point of The Restaurant. Any thoughts?


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