The perfect sunrise – slight return

Wednesday, May 3, 2006 by

Sometime OTT Blog sparring partner Stuart Ian Burns was in touch yesterday to provide more details on Breakfast‘s makeover…

“The sofa enters use whenever someone is being interviewed in the studio – to put them at ease I suppose. Sian Williams moved there at just after 7am whilst Dermot read the news in brief – which was an unnerving proposition anyway, because I haven’t seen him behind a desk at that time of the morning since The Channel Four Daily all those years ago.

TV Ark have a recording of a news report from 1991 during the original Desert Storm, and Dermot was sitting in front of a blue screen then too, in a similar suit – and talking about Iraq and “President Bush”. Hold on, I think that’s the sound of history repeating …

“As I was overcome with waves of nostalgia I turned the tv off at 7.10am as usual so that I could listen to the Todayprogramme on Radio 4.”


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