Hyde 2612

Saturday, February 10, 2007 by

I’ve been watching the previews discs for the first two episodes of¬†Life on Mars¬†series two. It’s back on BBC1 on Tuesday, with a screening of next week’s terrestrial ep following on BBC4.

I’d forgotten quite how much I love this show, and with everything being wrapped up this year, already there’s a palpable sense of progression. Don’t read on if you object to mild spoilers and theorising …

From episode one, Sam’s relationship with the 21st century changes, as he receives a telephone call from the future, which he can interact with. In short, the person on the other end of the line can hear him. They also leave trace of a phone number – Hyde 2612 – and there’s talk of pulling Sam out once his mission is complete.

Hyde 2612? Mission? Could Sam actually be from the year 2612, was seconded to 2006 for a job of work, and then back to 1973 for another gig? And he’s just forgotten?

Anything that gets me speculating like this is must-viewing…


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