Count down south

Friday, August 11, 2006 by

The power and possibly the ego of Des Lynam seems to have surfaced, and as of next year his only current television show, Countdown, is relocating from its Leeds studios to “somewhere near the M25″ because he is apparently fed up of having to travel up to Yorkshire for a week once a month to record the programme. This 400 mile taxing routine seems to be all too much for poor Des according to certain newspapers.

It’ll all look the same of course and most viewers won’t probably have a clue that it has happened, but can you imagine good old Richard Whitely ever demanding that a programme be moved to near where he lived? Countdown has been based in Leeds ever since it began in 1982, and Channel 4 must be very keen indeed to keep hold of its new star presenter to be prepared to uproot the show due to a demand like this. As a sop to its past, the editing of the show will continue to be done at the Yorkshire Television studios.


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