Thursday, July 27, 2006 by

MediaGuardian today reports that in yet another example of looking backwards for drama inspiration, the BBC is preparing a new version of that grand old classic Dracula to be broadcast this Christmas.

Apparently Hustle star Marc Warren will be playing the count, but more interestingly, the BBC has commissioned ITV Productions to make it, with Poirot producer Trevor Hopkins in charge. Bizarre or what? Although Granada is responsible for the production of University Challenge for BBC2, this kind of major production seems a strange thing for the BBC’s rival to be prepared to do. ITV could have easily made such a production for themselves, but instead they are taking the BBC shilling. Perhaps there is likely to be more of this kind of cross-pollination going on in the multi-channel environment. For all its faults, it would not be desirable to see a once-mighty broadcaster reduced to the status of merely a content provider.

Given that ITV can’t manage to fill its own schedules it seems quite odd that they are going to make something to show on a rival channel during the most sought-after period ratings-wise of the year.


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