First it was noddee, now it’s reality

Wednesday, September 5, 2007 by

Further to my review of the first episode of Hell’s Kitchen, I am still trying to get to grips with why the show should feature the celebrities doing so well this early on in the series. As I have previously written, if they run a competent dinner service from the off, the series has no arc to follow.

So what’s going on? I think I might have come up with the answer. 

The TV industry’s over the top reaction to the whole furore over scenes in programmes being edited to distort reality has already heralded the demise of the art of the “Noddee” on news programmes (those reaction shots filmed after the event in which interviewers thoughtfully ponder or nod in response to some great point the interviewee has just made). Perhaps this ill advised clean up campaign has spread to reality TV.

The X Factor dropped a scene in the first episode in which Simon Cowell had a staged conversation with a producer over the merits of bringing back Louis Walsh. Strangely enough though, they still keep in those obviously out-of-sequence reaction shots that are used ever more clumsily to elongate the tense bit at the end of an audition.

Perhaps the producers of Hell’s Kitchen are fearful that any attempt to oversell the inadequacies of their 10 celebrity chefs will be greeted with press scoops revealing “Clancy CAN cook Fancy” (that’s Peter Crouch’s girlfriend in case you’re wondering). If that’s the case, then can’t we simply have a disclaimer at the end of each episode admitting some of the scenes are faked, and get back to producing a proper Reality TV show with contrivances and all? You know, the type we enjoy watching.

Also, on an only vaguely related note, it’s just occurred to me that on celeb reality shows, the eviction process only ever starts in the second week – is this because celebs won’t sign up for such projects if they run the risk of expulsion after barely getting themselves on screen?


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