Two thousand and heaven

Friday, December 28, 2007 by

I’m currently working through this year’s Off The Telly review of the year. The piece is a collaborative effort, so not all the opinions espoused therein are mine. That being the case I thought it might be a bit of fun to post here a list of my entirely own favourite programmes from 2007 – feel free to add yours to the following:

Drama: With everyone else seemingly finding David Tennant to be utterly irritating, I have to confess I still love the 10th Doctor, particularly when he’s being impish. This year’s Doctor Who might have contained a lot of mediocre stuff, but I still think it’s the best thing on telly by about a million miles. It has such a massive emotional library from which to pull stuff from, and this year’s return of the Master was just brilliant (albeit only when Jacobi was in the role). Of course nothing further need be added to the already thousands of positive reviews for Cornell and Moffat’s contribution to series three.

Comedy: I have to confess to having been a bit slow to catch on to The Thick of It. A lot of things about it put me off – Peter Capaldi for a start, and the overly naturalistic faux documentary style, but I have to concede it is simply brilliant. In truth it’s been a shit year for comedy but “a tete-a-tiny-tete” almost made up for it.

Reality: Another genre of telly that was a bit rubbish this year. I stand by earlier comments that Dragons’ Den is no longer essential viewing. Big Brother was okay, and most other reality shows this year were poor. Probably the pick of the bunch in 2007 was The Apprentice.

Light entertainment: Well controversially I’m going to give this to Britain’s Got Talent. Ant and Dec know how to perfectly judge this sort of thing so that it never feels too exploitative. Although variety acts seem to be making a comeback in a major way, the selection for this series was particularly entertaining. Sadly, I’ve never been able to “get”Strictly Come Dancing.

Documentary: I’m on far safer ground here as I think the undisputed documentary series of 2007 was The Secret Life of the Motorway, fantastic archive footage, great interviewees and an utterly evocative series.


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