This is your golden day

Monday, July 24, 2006 by

With news that ITV are bringing back Mr and Mrs (one hopes that this time they will at least do it straight rather than try and post-modernise it ala the ill-fated Julian Clary relaunch), I am left scratching my head as to when these TV execs will finally get round to relaunching The Golden ShotThis was without a doubt the highlight of Ant and Dec’s Gameshow Marathon, and was to my mind the most obvious contender out of all the shows featured for a new series.

But instead we got Joe Pasquale’s The Price is Right and supposedly coming soon, Vernon Kay at the helm of a newFamily FortunesThe Golden Shot provides spectacle, variety, viewer interactivity and most crucially that great frisson of live telly – danger. So what’s the problem? Is the “left a bit, right a bit” premise deemed out dated? Are crossbows a no-no in modern-day light entertainment? Or is there simply no presenter willing to take on what was reputedly one of the most difficult game shows to host?


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