The Next Doctor at Breakfast

Monday, December 8, 2008 by

David Morrissey materialised on Breakfast  this morning.

Questioned about his role in the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special, “The Next Doctor”, he remained tight-lipped, “Here we have a programme that everyone’s going to be watching, and we don’t want to spoil it”.

“A lot of interest has been sparked,” he contined, referring to his role. “My mobile phone has been going mad with people I’ve never heard of calling me up. [This is] very much a tease campaign. I have to say I did love every minute of doing it. It was fantastic. It’s a great show, and whoever takes over has got very big boots to fill.”

Asked about his character, he revealed: “He’s someone with major issues – quite energetic and aggressive, but also someone with quite a lot of demons”.

As the interview concluded, Bill Turnbull tried again: When the vacancy occurs – will you be the next Doctor, yes or no?

“I think I have to refer you to my previous answer.”

Have a look at the Breakfast website for more.


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