“I know I’m a sinner…”

Monday, December 5, 2005 by

I’ve got to put on record how dull Millionaire Manor was on Saturday.

It’s one of those shows where the prize is more important than the quiz itself, so they bigged-up what you could do in the Manor between every round, while those rounds are simply “who’s richer?”, “which is the most expensive?” and then quickfire questions (albeit all about rich people, a la Strike it Lucky). It’s such a boring affair, and it’s a shame a sturdy format like Winning Lines has been sacrificied for it. Also, the setting itself is botched, it’s all very well setting it in the titular Manor but, a la Fame Academy, it’s too poky for telly and when the contestants walk off everyone has to irritatingly budge up. Also, Mark Durden-Smith is hugely uncharismatic.

Mind you, I do like the rising and falling portcullis Mark has to walk through to get to the Lottery draws. I’d also like to point out my fave bits of the recent midweek draws, when Eammonn hasn’t been arsed coming in, so they film him going “Time now for Lotto Extra!” and really blatantly bung them in live.


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